Vince Dooley papers
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Vince Dooley papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Georgia Historical Society
Creator: Dooley, Vince, 1932-
Title: Vince Dooley papers
Dates: 1950s-2004
Extent: 96.0 cubic feet (97 boxes)
Identification: MS 2363

Biographical/Historical Note

Vince Dooley was born in Mobile, Alabama on 4 September 1932. He is one of five children of Nellie and William Dooley. He attended McGill Catholic High School in Mobile and later Auburn University, both in Alabama. Dooley spent two years in the United States Marine Corps before returning to Auburn University to obtain his bachelor's degree in business management in 1954 and his master's degree in history in 1963. He served as the assistant coach at Auburn before taking the position of head football coach at the University of Georgia in 1964 at the age of 31. During Dooley's twenty-five year tenure as head football coach, the Bulldogs won the 1980 national championship title, six SEC championships, won 201 games, and played in 20 bowl games. He led the Bulldogs until 1988 and is among the winningest coaches in the history of college football. In addition to excellence on the field, Dooley encouraged academic excellence in his players. Under his leadership more than 100 student-athletes received academic awards and post-graduate scholarships. Dooley served as the University of Georgia's athletic director from 1979 to 2003. As athletic director he developed men's and women's athletic programs and was responsible for significant improvements to the University of Georgia's athletic facilities including the Butts-Mehre Heritage Building, the Football Letterman's Club, additions to the tennis complex, a new track grandstand, a new baseball stadium, an Olympic size natatorium, and a skybox addition to Sanford Stadium. Dooley has been a member of the College Football Hall of Fame since 1994, received the NCAA National Coach of the Year award twice, and "Georgian of the Year" by Georgia Association of Broadcasters and National Volunteer of the Year. He was an analyst on ESPN college football telecasts, president of the American Football Coaches Association, named third Vice President of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), served on the NCAA Football Rules Committee, served on the NCAA Recruiting Committee, and he was named to a special NCAA Committee to study a Division I-A football championship. Among Dooley's many philanthropic interests, he served over 25 years as chairman of the Georgia Easter Seals and is involved with the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America, and other charitable organizations.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the personal papers and coaching and athletic director records of Vince Dooley. The papers include correspondence, memos, clippings, notes, financial records, meeting minutes, football schedules and calendars, applications, contracts, speeches, photographs, audiovisual materials, audiocassettes, publications, transparencies, and policies and procedures dating from the 1950s to 2004. Coaching and athletic director records contain files on offense and defense for games played, bowl game files, schedules, coaches applications, player prospects, fan mail, letters of concern/criticism, job descriptions, budgets, speaking engagement files, committee and Athletic Association records, facilities, topical files on various subjects (i.e., sportsmanship, violence in sports, etc), 1996 Olympics, and other materials. Personal papers include biographical information, photographs, correspondence, and files on the Easter Seals, Boy Scouts of America, Rotary Club, Salvation Army, United Way, and other organizations and clubs with which Dooley was involved. Collection materials were re-housed into smaller archival boxes when necessary. However, the original order of the papers was maintained. Majority of collection materials are housed in Dooley's original folders.


This collection is arranged into 97 boxes: Box 1: Correspondence, 1993-1994; notes, 1994; memos, 1992-1994; NACDA, 1993-1994. Box 2: Letters of recommendation, 1995-1999 and congrats, 1993-1997; applications, 1995-2000; media guides, 1999-2002; letters of condolence and congrats from Dooley, 1993-2000. Box 3: Memos, 1986-1990; correspondence, 1985-1987. Box 4: Correspondence, 1985-1987; football/cheerleading files, 1985. Box 5: Football files/defense 1985. Box 6: Administrative files, 1979-1980 - includes correspondence, memos, travel, budget, coaches applications, etc. Box 7: Football files, 1975-1976; AFCA, 1979-1986; PR; Cotton Bowl; correspondence and complaint letters, 1988; calendars, 1985-1987; Coca-cola film, 1968-1970; Easter Seals, 1978-1989, etc. Box 8: Administrative files, 1995-2004 - includes ticket allotment, basketball team, NCAA football issues committee, NACDA, etc. Box 9: Administrative files, 1998-2003 - includes correspondence, poems, Billy Payne files, organization/committee records, speeches, sportsmanship, violence in sports, etc. Box 10: Administrative files, 1965-1967 - includes correspondence, coaches applications, memos, "nut files", etc. Box 11: Correspondence, 1966-1967; Sanford Stadium west end zone plans, 1993. Box 12: Correspondence A-M, 1999. Box 13: Correspondence Mc-Z, 1999; planner, 1996; Warm Springs Center for Therapeutic Recreation, 1994-1995; notes, 1996-1997. Box 14: Administrative files, 1994-1998 - includes correspondence, subject files, NCAA, Southeastern Conference, etc.; correspondence files 1957-1963. Box 15: Administrative files, 1964 - includes correspondence, coaches applications, football schedules, press/PR, speaking engagements, squad list, etc. Box 16: Administrative files, 1967-1968 - includes correspondence, coaches applications, memos, speaking engagements, etc.; administrative files, 1968-1969 - includes correspondence, coaches/scouts, films, ticket allotments, "nut file", Peach Bowl, prospects, etc. Box 17: Administrative files, 1968-1969 - includes correspondence, speaking engagements, artificial turf, etc.; administrative files, 1969-1970 - includes correspondence, coaches applications, coaching clinics, memos, "nut file", prospects, speaking engagements, etc.; Athletic Board budgets, 1989-1993. Box 18: Trustees meeting, 1993; Athletic Board budgets, 1994-1998. Box 19: Administrative files A-K, 1975-1978 - includes correspondence, subject files, American Youth Football Association, coaching applications/appointments, Cotton States, Easter Seals, Gator Bowl, Greece trip, etc. Box 20: Administrative files L-O, 1975-1978 - includes correspondence, Lions America Bowl, memos to coaches, officials applications, opponents, etc.; photographs of Dooley and biographical/PR materials. Box 21: Administrative files A-F, circa 1985-1990 - includes agents, budget, coaches income, drug counseling/education, equipment, etc. Box 22: Administrative files G-J, circa 1985-1990 - includes Gator Bowl, graduation rates/reports, Hall of Fame, Hula Bowl, Japan Bowl, junior varsity, etc. Box 23: Coaching materials, 1965-1983 - includes articles, notes, transparencies, diagrams, etc. Box 24: College football USA blue ribbon task force; NCAA certifications; old job descriptions, 1995; old crisis management policy; Autumus Cathedrals (book proof); Salt Lake City Olympics; Nowhere Road (screenplay); Made or Broken, etc. Box 25: "Dooley Years" program (multiple copies); correspondence A-J, 1991-1992; Athletic Board, "G" Club, finance-V.P. Barber, and special studies, 1959-1976. Box 26: Correspondence K-Z, 1991-1992; GA/FL game, 1992-1993, library, 1991-1993, applications, 1992, etc. Box 27: Administrative files, 1972-1975 - includes prospects, applications, memos to coaches, "nut file", speaking engagements, expense sheets, etc. Box 28: Administrative files, 1974-1975 - includes fines, coaches, memos to coaches, "nut file", prospects, speaking engagements, etc.; administrative files H-F, circa 1994-2001 - includes hedges, job descriptions, Football Letterman's Club, Hall of Fame, goals/objectives, graduation rates, former players in NFL, gender equity, Fan Behavior Committee, etc.; miscellaneous files XYZ, 1966-1967. Box 29: Administrative files "'A", circa 1992-2001 - includes Academic Achievement, Academics-general correspondence, admissions, agents, Radio-American Network, etc. Box 30: Administrative files A-D, 1979-1996 - includes Athletic Board, Athletic Directors Division IA, "Atlanta Attack", Boy Scouts of America, Butts-Mehre contributions, camps, cheerleading, coliseum files, contracts, drug education, etc. Box 31: Administrative files E-S, 1975-1996 - includes Eagle Ranch, Easter Seals, fundraising, letters of support, Lombardi award, Nike trip, prospects, recruiting, Salvation Army, etc. Box 32: Administrative files S-Z, circa 1981-1992 - includes speaking engagements, ticket requests, UGA Foundation, YMCA, etc. Box 33: Correspondence A-Z, 1995. Box 34: Coaching notes 1989-1976 includes articles, notes, transparencies, diagrams; Correspondence A-P, 1987-1988. Box 35: Correspondence Q-Z, 1987-1988; correspondence A-Z, 1988-1989. Box 36: Administrative files A-Q, 1983-1992 - includes ABC television, All-American Bowl, Athletic Department 20-year study, Athletic Directors Division IA, congratulations, coaches suggestions, letters of concern, NCAA, playoffs, Quaker State, etc. Box 37: Administrative files R-W, 1983-1993 - includes recruiting committee, 200th win, wedding, etc.; correspondence A and U-Z, 1982-1983; coaches applications, 1982-1983; phone logs 1993 "and back"; administrative files, 1983-1984 - includes applications, auctions, alumni, etc. Box 38: Administrative files B-P, 1982-1983 - includes coaches, fan mail, prospects, etc.; prospect files 1983-1984. Box 39: Administrative files P-T, 1982-1984 - includes prospects, speaking engagements, Sugar Bowl, tickets, thank you notes; administrative files H-L, 1988-1994 - includes Liberty Bowl, licensing, Leadership Georgia, Independence Bowl, high schools, homeless shelter, Institute for International Sports, etc. Box 40: Administrative files M-T, 1985-1995 - includes minority affairs, NCAA, mailgrams sent, recycling, summer youth program, Synovus, Torch Club, etc. Box 41; American Football Coaches Association manuals, 1970s-2000s. Box 42: American Football Coaches Association manuals, 1950s-1970s. Box 43: Miscellaneous files includes football game operations manual; head coaches meetings, 1997; senior staff meeting minutes, 1990-1993; law suits, 1986; library, 1992-1993; Athletic Association, 1998. Box 44: Gender equity, title IX files, 1992-1997; law suits, 1986-1990.

Box 45: Law suits, 1986-1995; Bankers First Corp, 1990-1994. Box 46: Personal, 1996 - includes photos, greeting cards, awards, expense reports. Box 47: Memos and correspondence A-J, 1997. Box 48: Dooley library endowment campaign, 1992-1998. Box 49: Coaching notebooks - includes schedules, 1964-1974, Bulldog Club, late 1980s, UGA compliance manual, 1988, Athletic Association meetings, 1998. Box 50: Correspondence A-Z, 1990; ticket requests, 1988-1990. Box 51; "Football letters", 1994-1995; letters of complaint/concern, 1994; Athletic program support letters, 1994. Box 52: Administrative files N-S, 1994-1998 - includes NCAA files, Olympics, Outback Bowl, reunions, Rotary Club, Salvation Army, etc. Box 53: Administrative files S-Z, 1990-1998 - includes Salvation Army, scoreboard, SEC files, speaking engagements, strategic planning, Sugar Bowl, etc. Box 54: Correspondence K-Z, 1997; 9 publications by and about Vince Dooley. Box 55: SEC executive committee and directors meetings, 1997-2000. Box 56: Administrative files, 1996-1998 - includes Olympics, photographs, awards, ceremonies, expenses, budget, endowment, plaques, 1988 football season, etc. Box 57: Correspondence files A-Z, 1994. Box 58: NCAA presentation, 1994; UGA manuals, promotions and marketing, circa 1990s-2000s; SEC Athletic Directors meeting, 2001. Box 59: Honors court, 1998-2002; NCAA inquiry, sanctions, infraction report, 1997; Salvation Army capital campaign, 2001. Box 60: NACDA Executive Committee, 2001; NCAA rules, 1998-1999; Total Quality Management Seminar, 1994; program, policy, and procedures binders, 1983-1994. Box 61: Bank statements, 1988-1985; get well cards, 1995. Box 62: Administrative files G-N, 1995-1998 - includes Gridiron Secret Society, NACDA files, motivation techniques, media, minority files, etc. Box 63: Olympics, 1994-1996. Box 64: Files on individuals, Aguar-Ziegler, 1984-1999; former players' careers file. Box 65: Administrative files A-F, 1994-1998 - includes Athletic Board, athletic directors, band, budget, Citrus Bowl, contracts, facilities files, football rules commission, etc. Box 66: Correspondence A-Z and memos, 2000. Box 67: Correspondence A-Z, 1996. Box 68: Correspondence A-V (national champs), 1979-1980. Box 69: Correspondence W-Z (national champs), 1979-1980; football files, 1985 - includes offense files, schedules, game play plans, etc. Box 70: Football files, 1985 - includes offense files, weight chart, walk-ons, prospects, coach files, etc. Box 71: Football files, 1986 - includes defense files, expense reports, memos, rosters, schedules, coach files, etc. Box 72: Coaches clinic, 1986; correspondence D-Z, 1998. Box 73: Correspondence A-Z, 1970-1971 - includes expenses, "nut file", memos, prospects, speaking engagements, telegrams, etc.; correspondence A-B, 1971-1972; correspondence A-C and memos, 1998. Box 74: Correspondence D-Z, 1971-1972 - includes expenses, memos to coaches, prospects, speaking engagements, telegrams; correspondence A-Z, 1972-1973 - includes expenses, memos to coaches, prospects, speaking engagements, telegrams. Box 75: Players files, 1970s; administrative files, 1969-1978 - includes YMCA, women athletics, Victor's Club, United Way, travel expenses, telegrams, surveys, Sun Bowl, etc. Box 76: Administrative files, 1971-1977 - includes pro agents, prospects, speaking engagements, etc.; football files 1986 - includes award sheets, "blacks in southern athletics", expenses, recruiting, depth charts, etc.

Box 77: Football files, 1986 - includes offense files, players files, prospects, Victor's Club awards, walk-ons, Athletic Association finances, 1986; athletic budgets, 1981-1985; Box 78: Athletic budgets, 1967-1981; Box 79: Athletic budgets 1963-1968; administrative files R-W, 1989-1995 - includes SEC officiating, speaking engagements, stadium expansion, travel, United Way, etc.; Box 80: Administrative files G-K, 1988-1995 - includes G-day, homecoming, Gridiron Secret Society, Knight Commission, NCAA recruiting committee, radio show files, etc.; Box 81: Correspondence A-P, 1983-1984; Coaches applications, 1985-1986; Butts-Mehre contributions, 1985-1986; etc.; Box 82: Correspondence S-Z, 1983-1984; fan mail, 1984-1985; speaking engagements, 1983-1985; tickets, 1983-1984; letters of concern and criticism, 1985-1986; Box 83: Olympic files, 1990-1996; Box 84: Memos, 1991, 1995-1996; Box 85: Notes, correspondence, senate and governor files, UGA resignation, clippings, campaign materials, 1985-1989; Box 86: Senate materials, UGA resignation, correspondence, clippings, notes, 1985-1989; Box 87: Ticket requests, speaker requests, spring evaluation, prospects, correspondence, interview transcripts, 1982-1989; Box 88: All-stars, 1985; airport study, 1986; alumni game, 1984; Cotton Bowl, 1984; PR plans; faculty, 1987; Sugar Bowl, 1980; correspondence and responses to congrats letters, 1988-1989; Box 89: Administrative files, 1993-2004 - includes baseball, files on coaches, equestrian, women's tennis, and tennis/gender equity; Box 90: Administrative files, 1990-2004 - includes track and filed, volleyball, and Circle of Honor, etc.; correspondence A-Le, 1986-2004; Box 91: Administrative files and correspondence Li-T, 1994-2003 - includes NCAA, National Sports Foundation, Olympics/Olympians, parking, SEC, sports management, sports medicine, sportsmanship, state flag controversy, strategic planning, student-athlete files, television files, etc.; Box 92: Administrative files T-W, - includes television files, Title IX files, Tulane, UGA mascot, University Club, university master plan, war memorial plaque, WNBA, women's athletics files, etc.; memos and correspondence A-B, 2003; Box 93: Correspondence C-Z, 2003; Box 94: Correspondence A-Z, 1981-1988; administrative files A-F, 1991-2000 - includes Athens-Clarke County bicentennial, athletic directors (Div. IA), athletics certification, Brunner letters, Christmas thank you notes, Citizens for Community Values, Easter Seal center, ESPN, Fiesta Bowl, etc.; Box 95: Administrative files B-Z, 1996-2000 - includes baseball, basketball, football, Kiwanis, library, national championships, Olympics, SEC schedule, video, radio, Western Athletic Conference, women's programs, etc.; Box 96: Administrative and personal files, 1987-2001 - includes baseball search, Athletic Association budgets, South Africa exchange, American Heart Association, Camp Dream, Camp Sunshine, Dooley--Silver Anniversary, Easter Seal, ESPN, NRA, letters of congratulation, Rules Committee, etc.; and Box 97: Contracts, 1991-2001 [RESTRICTED]

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Dooley, Vince, 1932-
Financial records.
Football coaches.
Georgia Bulldogs (Football team)
Greeting cards.
Legal documents.
Letters (correspondence)
Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.)
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University of Georgia. -- General subdivision--Faculty.;
University of Georgia. -- General subdivision--Football.;
Video recordings.


Restrictions on Access

Collection is open for research. Box 97 is restricted due to confidentiality concerns until detailed processing takes place.