Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission architectural drawings and scrapbooks
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Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission architectural drawings and scrapbooks

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Georgia Historical Society
Creator: Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission.
Title: Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission architectural drawings and scrapbooks
Dates: 1961-1994
Extent: 13.0 cubic feet (9 volumes, 16 boxes, 10 rolled architectural drawings)
Identification: MS 1591

Biographical/Historical Note

The Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission was created by the Georgia State Legislature at the request of the city and county government of Savannah, Georgia and Chatham County, Georgia to help manage the increase in population that occurred in the area following World War II. The commission was charged with the responsibility of coordinating private and public development activity so that the total product will represent an enhancement of community living conditions, development of investment opportunities, and the efficient provision of community services.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains architectural drawings and scrapbooks from the Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission from 1961 to 1994. The scrapbooks detail the activities of the commission from 1961 to 1988. Also included are architectural drawings of various buildings, businesses, and residences throughout Savannah, Georgia from 1973 to 1994.


This collection is arranged into 9 volumes, 16 boxes, and 10 rolled architectural drawings:

Volume 1: Scrapbook, 1961

Volume 2: Scrapbook, 1973

Volume 3: Scrapbook, 1974

Volume 4: Scrapbook, 1975

Volume 5: Scrapbook, 1977

Volume 6: Scrapbook, 1978

Volume 7: Scrapbook, 1979-1980

Volume 8: Scrapbook, 1984-1985

Volume 9: Scrapbook, 1987-1988

Box 1: Architectural drawings of: 230 W. St. Julian St., 123 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Oglethorpe Towers, Factor's Walk, River St., Factor's Walk at Abercorn, Bull St. and Oglethorpe Ave., Southern Bank and Trust Company, 19 W. Perry St., 15 W. Perry St., Gunn and Meyerhoff Architects, Savannah Civic Center, 16 W. Oglethorpe Ave., 117 W. Oglethorpe Ave., 302 Williamson St., Hyatt Regency Hotel, 206 W. Bay St., 202-204 W. Bay St., 17 Price St., 101 W. Perry St., 38-40 Price St., northwest corner of Broughton and Price Sts., Zorba's Tavern, River Place, 313 E. River St., River Landing, 508-526 E. Bay St., Kevin Barry's Pub, River St. Place, 121-125 W. River St., 131 W. River St., 109 E. River St., 313 River St., 421-429 E. River St., 504 E. River St., Savannah Glass Outlet, Oglethorpe Professional Center, 228 E. Oglethorpe Ave., 16 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Price St. at Oglethorpe Ave., Habersham St. at Oglethorpe Lane, Jefferson St. and W. Oglethorpe Ave., 506-512 E. Oglethorpe Ave, 150-152 Price St., 14 E. Oglethorpe Ave., 1973-1988

Box 2: Architectural drawings of: 545-547 E. McDonough St. the William Scarborough House at 4 W. Broad St. the Montgomery St. parking facility, the West building on W. Oglethorpe and Montgomery Sts., 419 Montgomery St., McDonough and Perry Sts., Brooks Auto Parks on Montgomery St., McDonough St. apartments, 5-7 E. Macon Sts., 142 Montgomery St., 548-550 E. McDonough St., Crawford Square, 505-507 Mc Donough St., 514 E. State St., State St. Garage, 218 W. State St., 308 E. State Street, State Street Townhomes, 1982-1988

Box 3: Architectural drawings of: City Parking Garage, 503 E. St. Julian St., 12 W. State St., 410 E. Taylor St., 347-349 Tattnall St., 437 Tattnall St., Lot 5 on Tattnall St., 609-611 Tattnall St., 303 Tattnall St., 214 E. Taylor St., 327 Tattnall St., 317-319 Tattnall St., W. Taylor St., 120 W. Taylor St., 210 E. Taylor St., Tattnall Townhouses, 435 Tattnall St., 546 E. Taylor St., 613-615 Tattnall St., 209-213 W. Gordon St., 440-442 Tattnall St., 108 W. Taylor St., 224 E. Taylor St., 609 Whitaker St., 501 Whitaker St., 705 Whitaker St., 10 Whitaker St., Union Mission, 521 E. York St., 1959-1988

Box 4: Architectural drawings of: 420 E. Huntingdon St., 313-315 W. York St., Clary Drug Co., 512 Abercorn St., 426 Abercorn St., Koger residence on Abercorn St., Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church, Lucas Theater, 607 Abercorn St., Lafayette Square, 217 Alice St., 29 Abercorn St., 220 E. Bryan St., Broughton St., 19 W. Broughton St., Savannah Bank and Trust Company, Southern Bell, 1978-1987

Box 5: Architectural drawings of: 232 E. Broughton St., 331 Barnard St., Bull Street Associates, 220 W. Bryan St., 424 Barnard St., 2 E. Bryan St., 601 Bay St., 224 W. Boundary St., First Baptist Church, 518-524 Blair St., 18 W. Bryan St., E. Broad St. Townhouses, 511-517 Blair St., Savannah Bank and Trust Company, 515 W. Bay St., 518-520 E. Gwinnett St., 708-714 Price St., 537-539 E. Hall St., 1979-1988

Box 6: Architectural drawings of: 121 Congress St., Johnson Square office complex, E. Charlton St., 223 W. Charlton St., 207 W. Congress St., 415 E. Charlton St., law offices at Congress and Jones Sts., Christ Church, 305 E. Charlton St., 107 W. Congress St., 203 W. Charlton St., 423 E. Charlton St., 410 E. Charlton St., The Charlton, Savannah Financial Center, Main Post Office in Savannah, Forsyth Gardens, 1973-1988

Box 7: Architectural drawings of: 405-416 W. Gaston St., 108 W. Gordon St., 214 E. Gordon St., 127 W. Gordon St., 519 E. Gaston St., 218-220 E. Gaston St., 532-534 E. Gaston St., 101 E. Gaston St., 214 W. Gwinnett St., 15 E. Gordon St., 216 West Gaston St., 544-546 E. Gaston St., 201 E. Gaston St. Lane, Forsyth Ward Townhouses, 11 E. Gordon St., Bey Tagh Construction Co., 536-538 E. Gaston St., southwest corner of W. Gaston and Tattnall Sts., 407 E. Gordon St., 1973-1988

Box 8: Architectural drawings of: Catholic Diocese of Savannah, 324 Habersham St., Gaston St. at Habersham St., White House Restaurant, Oglethorpe Ave. at Habersham St., 3 Hall St., 14 W. Harris St., 519 E. Hall St., 113 Houston St., 314-322 W. Hall St., 408 E. Huntingdon St., E. Huntingdon St. Partnership, 210 W. Hall St., 121 W. Hall St., 235 Habersham St., 122 W. Huntingdon St., Foley House annex, 25 Houston St., 12 W. Harris St., 525 Hartridge St., 511 Habersham St., 1973-1987

Box 9: Architectural drawings of: Huntingdon St., 402 E. Hall St., Howard row, 345 Habersham St., Intercoastal Assoc. Inc., 126 W. Harris St., 426 E. St. Julian St., 425 W. Jones St., 408 E. Jones St., 10 E. Jones St., 501-503 E. Jones St., 205 W. Jones St., 113 W. Jones Lane, 1 Jefferson St., 207 W. Jones St., 417 E. Jones St., 408 E. Jones St., 519-525 E. Jones St., 340-344 Habersham St., Liberty National Bank building, 312 E. Liberty St., 711-713 Lincoln St., Smith and Kelly, Savannah Civic Center, DeSoto Square Hotel and office building, 129 E. Liberty St., 120 W. Liberty St., Lincoln Center Condominiums, 10 W. Liberty St., 109 W. Liberty St., Liberty Townhouses, 1974-1988

Box 10: Architectural drawings of: 212 E. Liberty St., 321 E. Liberty St., Savannah Police Barracks, Liberty St. Condominium, southeast corner of Barnard St. and Liberty St., 201 W. Liberty St., 128 Liberty St., 140 Lincoln St., Citizens and Southern Banks on Liberty St., Drayton and Liberty Sts., 201 E. Broughton St., 20 Jefferson St., northwest corner of W. Harris and Barnard Sts., 15 E. Bull St., 35 W. Broughton St., Bank South, 7 E. Congress St., 142 Price St., 15 E. Liberty St., 17 W. Charlton St., 225 E. President St., 1974-1988

Box 11: Architectural drawings of: The Market Café, City Market, Lesser's Men's Quality Shop, Savannah Civic Center, 1983-1994

Box 12: Architectural drawings of: 104 E. Harris St., 122 Houston St., 14 W. Harris St., 513 E. Harris St., Lots 19-21 on Huntingdon St., 526 E. Harris St., 524 E. Harris St., Savannah News Press parking lot, lot 36 on Hall St., E. Huntingdon Lane and Lincoln St., 406 E. Huntingdon St., 212-216 W. Huntingdon St., 126 W. Harris St., 524-528 E. Harris St., 404-408 E. Hall St., Huntingdon at Lincoln Sts., 523 Huntingdon St., Spencer-Woodbridge House, 543-545 E., Harris St., 1974-1988

Box 13: Architectural drawings of: Historic Savannah Foundation, Pirate's House, City Market, office building for John Jones, St. John the Baptist, President's Quarters, Green Square, 209-215 W. Hall St., Industrial Electric, Mulberry Inn, Gamble building, Reality building, 1974-1988

Box 14: Architectural drawings of: The Padelford, Red building, 505 E. Jones St., Irish monument in Emmett Park, 216-222 Houston St., 525 Jones St., Castle Office building, Georgia Medical Society building, unidentified, 409 E. Bay St., Maas Brothers, Gordon at Barnard Sts., 101 W. Broad St., 202 E. Broughton St., 529-531 Gaston St., Liberty Savings Bank, 115 E. River St., 102-110 E. Bay St., 1974-1988

Box 15: Architectural drawings of: 701-709 E. Broad St., First Baptist Church educational building, St. Benedict's Church, 701-703 Barnard St., Sepco retaining wall, 21 Barnard St., 500 block of E. Broughton St., 103 W. Bay St., 202-204 W. Bay St., Charlton-Madison Square Townhouses, The Mulberry Inn, 420 W. Broughton St., 19 Barnard St., 524 W. Broad St., 27 E. Bay St., 202 W. Broughton St., 12 E. Bay St., Krispy Chic Restaurant, Savannah News Press, Shuey building, 1974-1988

Box 16: Architectural drawings of: Friedman's Art, 201 W. Bay St., Broughton at Price Sts., 421 Barnard St., Southern Motors - Acura, 147 Bull St., 508-516 E. Bay St., 35 Barnard St., 300 W. Bay St., 507 Barnard St., 311 W. Broughton St., 505 Blair St., 102 E. Broughton St., 1974-1988

Loose rolls of architectural drawings: Factor's Walk, Malone's on Williamson, Fahm St., 417 E. Charlton St., 315 W. Congress St., 126 E. Bryan St., Goodyear on Broughton St., Morrison's Café, the Pulaski building, Sebastian's Restaurant, 1974-1988

Index Terms

Architectural drawings (visual works)
Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission.
City planning--Georgia--Savannah.
Historic buildings--Georgia--Savannah.
Savannah (Ga.)--Architecture.

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