Richmond County (Ga.) judicial records
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Richmond County (Ga.) judicial records

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Georgia Historical Society
Creator: Richmond County (Ga.)
Title: Richmond County (Ga.) judicial records
Dates: 1796-1864
Extent: 1.5 cubic feet (3 boxes)
Identification: MS 0659

Biographical/Historical Note

Richmond County, Georgia was established in 1777, replacing St. Pauls Parish. The county originally encompassed land that later became Richmond, Columbia, and McDuffie Counties, as well as parts of Warren, Glascock, and Jefferson Counties. Augusta became the county seat.

The Richmond County Courthouse was established by a January 23, 1780 act of the Georgia Legislature for a courthouse jail, and seminary in Augusta.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of records from the Richmond County Courthouse. Only a few of the papers are of the 1796 period; the remainder cover 1804-1864. They include a variety of legal documents; e.g., libels for divorce, mortgages, deeds, fi fas, leases, judgments, summonses, warrants, bonds, complains, testimonies, affidavits, etc. they also cover a variety of cases, such as equity, estates, debt, felonies, misdemeanors, inquests. No records of trials are in the collection. A large portion of the papers involve litigation with the Fashion Steamboat Line. These have been placed at the end of the collection. The other papers are arranged alphabetically by name of plaintiff (occasionally by defendant) rather than type of record or chronology.

Index Terms

Bonds (legal records)
Courthouses--Georgia--Richmond County.
Estate planning.
Judicial records.
Real property--Georgia.
Richmond County (Ga.)

Administrative Information

Custodial History


Preferred Citation

[item identification], Richmond County (Ga.) judicial records, MS 659, Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgia.

Acquisition Information

Gift of anonymous donor, 1969.


Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

Publication Rights

Copyright has not been assigned to the Georgia Historical Society. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Division of Library and Archives. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Georgia Historical Society as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained by the researcher.


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Container List



1Richmond County records, A-H

Eliza Abbot vs. Clarke Abbot: divorce
Dorthea Adams by Trustee to John G. Winter: mortgage
George Adams by Admr. vs. James Finlater: judgment
Albert (African American): peace warrant
Caesar Alford et al vs. State
James Alexander to Crawford & Ganby: mortgage
Dorcas Allen: bond to C.D. Williams to prosecute
John W. Allen vs. Lyman Catlin: complaint
Robert A. Allen & James Ball (Allen & Ball) vs. Assr. William Holmes
Jemima Andrews & Sarah Clarke: bench warrant
Sarah Anderson vs. James Fox: judgment
Isaac Ashbrook et al: examination and bonds to prosecute (3)
John Ashley: habeas corpus and bond (2)
John Atkerson (Atkinson) vs. State (3)
William A. Averet: see George Schley
Eliza Bacon vs. Samuel & William Hardman: judgment
Charles Baird (Beard) et al vs. State: gambling
Charles Baker & James S. Wilcox vs. Patrick Moore: judgment
Henry Baker to Daniel Walker and to J.S. Betison: 2 mortgages
William H. Baldwin & Charles Beard (Baird) vs. State: gambling
Richard Barker (alias Dick Holmes) vs. State: bench warrant
Caroline O. Barnes vs. Exrs.: equity (2)
Mary A.D. Barnes vs. F. Flewillin & H. Dickinson: judgment
Randolph Barnes vs. State: stealing (2)
Elijah H. Barritt: bench warrant and bond (2)
John Barron vs. Exrs. Of John Mealy: fi fa
Stephen Barton & William Bird: bonds to appear against him (3)
Archibald Beall vs. Admrs. Of Stephen Meers: fi fa
Thaddeus Beall vs. State: assault and battery (2)
Henry D. Bell vs. Charles Platt et al: equity (3)
John Billups by Admr. to Lancelot Johnson: deed
Richard Blalock, Jane & Mary Body vs. State (3)
Arthur Bleakley vs. William Glendinning: judgment
James W. Bogan vs. State (3)
Louisa C. Boger vs. John Boger: divorce
Richard Bolan vs. John Vasser (Vassar): lease (5)
Thomas R. Bond vs. State (3)
Samuel Bosman vs. Stephan Evans: judgment
Hays Bowdre vs. Admr. of John Morrison (2)
Christopher L. Bowen vs. Thomas Wynn: complaint
Thomas T. Brandon vs. James M. Collins: rule nisi
James Brazier vs. George A.B. Walker: declaration
August Breuner (Brenner?) vs. State (6)
Charles W. Briggs vs. William Fuller: fi fa
Robert Brooks vs. Benjamin Few: fi fas (2)
Gabriel Brown vs. State: chicken stealing
Horace G. Brown vs. State: (11)
Ruthy Brown: receipts regarding estate
Jonah Brunson vs. John Fox: fi fa
Alexander Bryan vs. Farrington & Edmy: fi fa
Isaac: see Henry H. Cumming
Charles A. Bugg to Aaron Marvin: mortgage
Samuel Bugg by Admr. vs. Nicholas Fox: fi fa
Henry Buist vs. William Haines: judgment
Jane Bulloch vs. Exrs. of Holland McTyre: equity
John Burke, State vs.: Alexander Cunningham's bond to prosecute
Richard Burke: receipt to Lymus Simons for purchase of horse
Thomas G. Burton vs. John A Moon: debt
Gus Buxum vs. State: burglary
Henry C. Byron vs. State: bond to appear
Abel & William Cain & John Lambert vs. Jacob G. McWhorte: warrant to McWhorter
Ellis Campbell vs. State: swearing (2)
John Campbell: papers regarding estate of (3)
John B. Campbell: petition for division of property of Josias Campbell
Thomas Campbell & John Atkerson vs. State: assault (3)
John Cannon: bench warrant; harboring runaway slaves
Carey, Lee * Carey vs. Horace Ely:; judgment
John Carlin vs. John & Mary H. Egan: judgment
John Carmichael et al vs. Alexander Fox & Edmund Bacon: fi fa
Samuel Carr vs. Jacob Schiller: trespass
Thomas Carr vs. C. Dysart & George Fee: judgment
John Carrie, State vs.: warrant and bonds to appear (3)
Joseph W. Carroll et al vs. Charles McCalla: debt
Frederick Carman vs. State: bench warrant
Robert Carson, State vs.: peace warrant and bonds to appear (2)
John Carter by Admrs. vs. Robert Frazer: fi fa
Robert Carter vs. State: bench warrant and appearance bond (2)
James D. Cary: bond to appear
John A. Casey vs. Michael Fleck: fi fa
Catherine M. Cashing, Admr. of estate of vs. O.E. Cashing (3)
James Cason (Casin) & William Lamkin (Cason & Lamkin) vs. State
Christopher Cassedy & Joseph Moss vs. Thomas Foster & Morris Henry: fi fa
John Chavour (Chaivous) vs. Lyman S. Catlin: debt
William Childrey vs. Tom Mix: debt
William Chisholm vs. Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fas (2)
Turner Clanton vs. Elizabeth Skinner: debt (4)
David Clark: bond to appear
Henry E. Clarke vs. John McDade: complaint
John Clendenning et al vs. John Fee
Nathan Coaker: inquest on death
John B. Coarsey et al: testimony on worth of woman slave and a tract of land (2)
James (Jim) Cobb: grand jury indictment for larceny
George Combs: grand jury indictment for assault with attempt to murder
James Cook, estate: receipt for slaves
Elem Converse vs. Abraham C. Fowler et al: fi fas (2)
Cook & Munn vs. Jacob Danforth: fi fa
E.D. Cooke & Co. vs. John McTyre: fi fa
C. & R. Copeland vs. Dreadzil Pace: interrogatories (3)
John Cormick vs. Jonathan Vasser: testimony of Vasser
William H. Cosby: bond to appear
Peter Crary, Admrs. Of estate vs. Henry B. Holcombe (3)
Joshua Crow: commitment
Martin Crowley to Edward Barker: deed
Henry H. Cumming vs. John W. Zinn: estate of Isaac Bryan
Thomas Cumming vs. Holland McTyre & Peter Bugg: judgment
Robert Darnell vs. State: commitment and bond to appear (2)
James Davis: bond to appear
Mary C.C. Davis: petition for appointment of Trustee
Sims Davis vs. State: false swearing (4)
Samuel W. De Coursey et al vs. John Bridges (3)
Louis Delaigle: petition regarding estate of Mary E.M. Delaigle (4)
Dickerson & Berry vs. Oswell Eve: fi fa
Thomas Dixon vs. W. Capers Mitchell: dispossessory warrant
John Dobbins vs. State: assault and battery (6)
William Dobbins vs. State: fi fa and affidavit
Germain T. Dortie (Dostie?) vs. State: bench warrant
John H. Duebell vs. Michael Fleck: fi fa
Mary Frances Pauline Vincindiere Dugas: papers regarding estate of (4)
Barney S. Dunbar vs. Augustus S. Hill: debt
George Dunbar vs. Glover, Foreman & Martin: fi fa
Augustus Dunham: commitment
Nehemiah Dunn vs. Benjamin Few: fi fa (2)
Beall m. Duvall vs. Nelson & Tilky: debt
Benjamin W. Dyches vs. Frederick Schanfill: summons to appear
Beckum Dye vs. Exrs. N.P. Beach: affidavit of Charles Beach
Martin Crawford Dye & Samuel Henry Dye, Trust estate of Equity (2)
John E. Earl, Son & Co. vs. Lewis Carr: debt (9)
B.F. Easterling & Wife vs. Henry D. Bell, Trustee: Petition to Change Trustee, estate of William Prior
Samuel Eckstein vs. Horace Ely: fi fa
Edwards & Wife vs. Leigh & others; Leigh & others vs. Edwards & Wife: motion to replace trustee
Amos Edwards vs. State: assault & battery (3)
Gus Edmundston vs. State: warrants and bond
Isaac Ellis vs. Nicholas Fox: fi fa
John M.C. Evans vs. State: warrants (3)
George W. Evans, Church Wardens & Vestrymen of Episcopal Church at Augusta: fi fa
William O. Eve vs. State: assault and battery
Daniel Farrar et al vs. State: warrant, testimony, fi fa (3)
Anthony B. Ferguson vs. Thomas Hankson (2)
Anthony B. Ferguson vs. Mariah Lawhorn (2)
William Fedler vs. State: fi fa
Allen Ferd, State vs.: list of witnesses
Benjamin Fishborne vs. Fitz Morris Hunt: fi fa
John D. Fish, vs. Thomas W.E. Beale
Moses Fisher vs. State: indictment for burglary
William Fisher vs. State: larceny (3)
Sarah Flake vs. Michael Flake: fi fas (2)
John Fleming vs. Robert Malone: fi fa
William Fleming vs. Edmund Fears: fi fa
Elizabeth Florance vs. Olin H. Lee: debt (3)
Luther Floyd vs. State: bastardy
O.E. Fluker (Fluker & Watson) vs. Thomas C. Henry: bail bond and garnishment
John P. Force vs. Bank of the State of Georgia: fi fa
Benjamin Ford vs. State: recognizance bond
Ford & Pullin vs. State: fi fa
John Forsyth & Freeman Walker, Trustees of Richmond Academy vs.: fi fa
Don Alonzo Fosket vs. State: warrant for larceny
Thomas Foster vs. Holland McTyre: fi fa
James Fox, Commrs. Of Courthouse & Jail vs.: fi fa
John Fox, papers regarding the estate of (involved Malone estate) (5)
Nicholas Fox, Bank of the State of Georgia vs. (2); Bank of Augusta; Trustees of Richmond Academy vs. (Fox & J. Hutchinson), 3 cases
William M. Frazer to Samuel Peck: mortgage (4)
Humphrey Fredericks (Frederickson) vs. State: larceny (2)
William J. Freeman vs. Patrick May: possessory warrant
Judith Frier vs. State: misdemeanor
Samuel Fulton & Henry H. Cook vs. Mechanics Bank: fi fa
John Fury vs. Fanny Forsyth: fi fas; John M. Davenport vs. Admrs. Of John Fury: fi fa (2 cases)
Martha Fury, papers regarding estate of (8)
Orithia E. Galloway vs. William Galloway: divorce
William and James Galphin vs. State: larceny (2)
Stephen Garrison vs. Ferrell et al: slander (2)
Sarah Garrott vs. State: assault
John Garvin vs. Robert McCombs: affidavit
Samuel Gates vs. Edmund Fears: fi fa
Alexander George vs. State: evidence
Thomas Germain vs. State: misdemeanor
James R. Gibson vs. Alexander Martin: fi fa
John Girman (German?) vs. State
Thomas Glascock vs. Benjamin Few: fi fas; same vs. Edmund Fears: fi fa (2 cases)
John Glendenning to William P. Lawson: deed and promissory note (2)
William Glendenning vs. Greene B. Marshall & Robert Philip: mortgage and foreclosure (4)
Robert D. Glover vs. State: assault with a deadly weapon (2)
Robert A. Golding vs. State: bond to appear
Samuel Gould vs. State (5)
Grant, Thoburn & Son vs. Horace Ely: fi fa
Green Gray, State vs.: warrant
Stanmore Green; Thomas Tant?; Martin Owens; Isaac Hopkins, State vs.: warrant
Cornelia A. Greene: petition for appointment of trustee, est. of William B. Greene
Sebastian C. Greenville: petition for order of sale, estate of Augustus Lafitte
Greenway, Brother & Co. vs. William h. Crane: debt (2)
Charles A. Grenier vs. James M. Dye: judgment
John P. Grenier, Augusta Insurance & Banking Co. vs. (2)
Daniel O.M. Griffin & John Scully, State vs.: moving stolen goods
Joshua Grinage vs. Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fa
Joseph I. Guest: commitment
Gilbert Haight vs. Barna McKinne: fi fa
Samuel Hale, Bank of Augusta vs.: foreclosure of mortgage (2); see also Tubman
Benjamin Hall: receipt from L.D. Lollustreat?
Henry Hall vs. Benjamin F. Renwick & Sanders Walker: judgment
John Hall vs. Ignatius Few: fi fa
Leonard Hamlin vs. State: assault with intent to murder (2)
Donald Hammond vs. State: commitment
Samuel Hammond to William Martin Cowles: deed
Alexander Hannah vs. State: assault and battery (2)
James Harper vs. Elijah Hicks: foreclosure
James Harper vs. Henry Smith: foreclosure (4)
J. & W. Harper (James & William), Bank of the State of Georgia, Bank of Augusta, Bank of Savannah vs. (9)
William Harper & Joseph K. Kilbourn vs. Exr. Of J. Moise: foreclosure
Henry T. Harris vs. George Wolf & Isaac Young: debt
James M. Harris by Trustee vs. Benjamin F. Harris, Admr.: estate of Polly Harris
Lewis Harris, papers regarding estate of (3)
James Hartford, State vs. State: larceny (2)
William H. Hatfield: petition for partitions
Havena: see Hevener
Patrick Hayes by Admr. vs. Edmund Fears: affidavit of illegality
Sarah Haynes vs. State: assault (2)
Benjamin Head, State vs. State: peace bond (2)
Isaac T. Heard vs. John R. Don & Elijah F. Starr: equity
John F. Heinsler vs. Hoope & Co. (2)
Isaac Hendricks vs. State: bonds (2)
Hiram Herbert vs. State: vagrancy
William Hevener (Havena) vs. State: peace warrants (4)
Wilson C. Hewitt vs. State: assault and battery (3)
Hickman, Westcott & Co. vs. William E. Barnes: foreclosure
Higginbotham & Scarbrough vs. Evans & Oakman: fi fa
Abner Hill vs. John Fluker: fi fa
John Hill vs. Isaac A. Little & Michael Hook: debt (2)
Martin Hill vs. State: assault and battery (5)
John D. Hitt to William P. Lawson: mortgage
Mary C. and Edith M. Hitt vs. Seaborn A. Preskitt: bail and trover
George Hoadley & William Fitch vs. George N. Wyman: bills for accounting (2)
Mary Polly Hodge vs. State: stolen goods (6)
Holcombe, Henry B.: see Peter Crary
Thornton Holman vs. George W. Evans: fi fa, fragment
James Holford vs. Martin M. Dye: foreclosure
Jackson Holmes vs. State: stealing
Samuel Holmes vs. State: simple larceny
William Hopkins & James Mooney vs. State: assault (2)
Mr. Hopkins & Dr. Cunningham: depositions, unable to identify assailants
Henry Horman vs. Patrick May: possessory warrant
Louisa E.M. Howard: petition regarding estate of John Howard
Thomas S. Howard: grand jury indictment: assault with pistol
Zilla Howard: commitment
Frank Hubbell vs. State: peace warrant
Lavinia Huggins: habeas corpus


2Richmond County records, J-R

Charles C. Jackson: mortgages (5)
George Jackson, et al vs. State: simple larceny
Samuel M. Jackson vs. State: assault and battery (2)
Green G. James vs. State: forgery (5)
Benjamin Jenkins vs. State: larceny (2)
James W.M. Jenkins, State vs.: breach of peace (2)
Jonathan Jewitt vs. Joseph C. Eve et al: fi fa
Infant children of Elizabeth Woodman Johnson vs. Elizabeth Woodman Johnson: bill for sale and exchange of trust
Joe Johnson vs. State: larceny
Pinckney Johnson vs. State: burglary
Robert Johnson vs. State: simple larceny
Solomon Johnson vs. State: burglary (2)
William Johnson vs. Return J. Meigs: bond (2)
Johnson & Kunze vs. William C. Dillon: fi fa
Adam Johnston, Mechanics Bank vs. (2)
William Johnston vs. Michael Boisclair: complaint
John B. Jones vs. State: assault with intent to murder
Seaborn Jones vs. Estate of George Fold: fi fa
Willie Jones vs. State: misdemeanor (2)
Henrietta Jordan vs. State: misdemeanor (2)
Dennis Joseph, State vs.: bond to appear
Juries: miscellaneous papers. Coroner: findings on the deaths of African Americans, no surnames (5). Grant: indictment of several persons; presentments, October term, 1812 (2). Petit: finding re an unidentified piece of land
Kellog & Baldwin vs. Henry M. Fold: fi fa
John Kelly, dec'd: interrogatories to James Fulcher
Peter A. Kelly, State vs.: commitment and bond (2)
John Ketteral, State vs.: warrant and bonds, perjury (3)
Joseph K. Kilburn, Mechanics Bank vs.: foreclosure (2)
John P. King: see Charles A. & Mortimer H. Williams
Thomas Knapen vs. Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fas (2)
William Knight: will
Augustus Lafitte: see S.C. Greenville
Basil Lamar vs. James Shaffer: assault and battery (2)
George W. Lamar vs. James H. Hill: complaint
James Lamkin, State vs.: misdemeanor
Samuel Lark vs. T.H.M. Fendall: fi fa
Lionel U. Lawrence & Co. vs. T.H.M. Fendall: fi fa
Lawrence & Van Sinderen vs. Lewis Foremean & Co.: fi fas (2)
Oliver H. Lee to Elisha Nade: mortgage
Reuben Leggett vs. Evans & Rayner: fi fa
John Lepper: peace warrant
August Lewis vs. George W. Evans: debt
James S. Lewis vs. Kennick & Walker: judgment
John Lewis vs. State: false swearing
Conrad Liverman et al: peace warrant
Thomas Liverman vs. State: assault to kill
Andrew Lloyd (Loyd); mortgage from Lyman A. Ford
Charles Lodtman to Christian Salm: mortgage
Gilbert Longstreet vs. Mordecai Evans: fi fas (2)
Lewis Lovell vs. State: gambling (3)
Paul Lum, State vs.: riot (3)
Daniel Maby vs. Nicholas Fox: fi fa
William M. McCann vs. John Milledge: fi fa
Amandah McDade vs. John McDade: recovery of slaves
Hugh McDonald vs. Horatio Marbury: fi fa
James McDonough: recognizance to appear
John McDowell vs. State: stealing
Patrick McGrath vs. State: riot
McKenzie & Bannock vs. Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fa
John McKenne vs. State: gambling (2)
Dennis McNall vs. State: receiving stolen goods
Holland McTyre vs. James A May: fi fa; see also Jane Bulloch
Jacob G. McWhorter vs. Lewis D. Ford: fi fa; see also I.S. Roberts
Harris Maher & Co. vs. James Fox: fi fa
Robert Malone & Co. vs. Evans & Rayner: fi fa; see also John Fox
Hiram Mann vs. State: counterfeit money
John H. Mann & Sons (for use of C. & H. Stallings) vs. William P. Fernadas & James House: fi fa
Luke Mann, Exrs. of vs. John Twiggs: interrogatories (3)
Philip H. Mantz vs. Christopher Fletcher: fi fa
Thomas Marsh vs. Richard Mooney: fi fa
Alexander Martin vs. john Finn: fi fas (2)
Elizabeth B. martin vs. Thomas S. Martin: foreclosure
Mathison & Simmons vs. Samuel Trowbridge: debt (5)
Allen Matthews vs. Foster & Peterson: fi fa
Henry Mealing, papers regarding estate of (10)
Mitchell Mellson vs. State: gambling (4)
James W. Meredith vs. Rebecca Meredith: equity (4)
Joshua Merrill vs. State: assault (2)
John B. Meyer vs. Edward m. Crawford: debt
Ruth Meyers: indictment: false imprisonment
William Micon (Micou) vs. Nicholas Fox: fi fa
John C. Miller & John Parr vs. State: bond
Miller & Daniel vs. Daniel Thomas: attachment
Miller, Bissell & Burum vs. J.M. Mills: attachment (2)
Daniel W. Mongin: see James M. Smith
Hampton Monts? vs. State: attempted burglary.
John Bones Moore vs. George W. Conway: summons (2)
John G. Moore vs. Griffin Edmonson: fi fa
Robert Moore, State vs.: assault and battery (2)
Thomas Moore vs. Matthew Fox and vs. James Fox: fi fas (2)
John Morrison and Robert Dill: deed for debt (2)
Alfred Moutree vs. State: peace bond
John R. Murphy & Wife vs. John W. Wightman: settlement and exchange for trustee (10)
Murry & Fendall vs. Hugh Fullarton: fi fa
Cleon Nally vs. State: assault with intent to murder (2)
Fred Nance vs. George W. Foster: fi fas (3)
Joseph M. Newby vs. James Hope, et al: judgment
A.S. Newhon & Wife, regarding: petition for change of trustee
Eliza Newman vs. State: misdemeanor
Mary Newsom vs. Elizabeth Mooney: possessory warrant
George M. Newton vs. Daniel Mahoney: foreclosure
Hampton Newton vs. State: attempted burglary
Thomas Newton vs. State: attempt to rob (2)
Olin O'Donoho vs. State: misdemeanor (2)
Mary O'Hara vs. State: assault
Mary Augusta Olin vs. William Milo Olin: divorce
Emma Osborn vs. State: peace warrant
Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. John R. & William M. Dow: judgment
Ebenezer Page vs. Jefferson Allen: warrant
William T. Page to Gould Bulkley & Co.: mortgage
Charles Paradise et al: indictment
Richard S. Park vs. William Fuller: fi fa
John Parker: commitment
Martha Parten vs. Ausborne Parten: divorce
Anne Patterson & Children: petition for appointment of trustee
Pearre & Leigh vs. James E. Todd
James Peay: warrant for gambling
Conrad Peterson vs. George Foster: fi fa
Thomas B. Peterson vs. Taylor Flewellen: fi fa
William Phillips vs. Joseph Fickling: fi fa
John N. Philpot: bond to appear
John Phinizy vs. William Little: debt (4)
John Phinizy vs. Sullivan & Parker et al: complaint
John W. Pitman vs. State: theft (2)
Samuel Player et al: bond to appear
John Y. Plum vs. William Fuller: fi fa
Berry Pond et al vs. State: recognizance
Henry Pond: habeas corpus
John Pond vs. State: assault (2)
William Pool vs. Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fa
William Prior: see B.F. Easterling
John W. Pritchard vs. State: assault (2)
William H. Pritchard, Jr. vs. James B. Bishop: judgment
Isaac Rakestraw vs. State: fraud
Frank A. Ramsay vs. Albert M. Lee: debt (4)
Charles Randall: larceny and burglary indictments (2)
John S. Randall to John M. Turner: mortgage
Thomas Reed vs. Benjamin Few: fi fa
Jeremiah Rees vs. Thomas Few: fi fa
John Rees vs. State: libel
Avada Reid vs. Richard Foster: fi fa
William Remshart V Lawrence J. Trotti: fi fa
Absolom Rhodes, papers regarding estate of (4)
James W. Rhodes vs. State: bastardy (3)
Thomas L. Rhodes vs. Thomas J. Ingram: judgment
Wm. P. Rhodes et al vs. State: larceny
Ann Richards vs. John S. Richards: divorce
John, Berry & Drury Roach vs. State: selling a stolen slave (3)
Irwin S. and Araminta Roberts vs. Admr. estate of Jacob G. McWhorter: equity (2)
Thomas Roberts vs. State: commitment
Josiah Robbins vs. Henry Evans: fi fa
Daniel Robins: peace warrant
James Rochmore vs. Edmund Fears: fi fa
Luther Roll vs. Joseph C. Eve et al; fi fa
Rolston & Nesbet vs. George Fee: fi fa
Hugh Rooney vs. State: cattle stealing and cheating and swindling; 2 cases (6)


3Richmond County records, S-W and the Fashion Line

Isaac R. St. John vs. George Fee: fi fa
Christian Salm vs. Charles Lodtman: foreclosure (2)
Savannah River Steamboats: see Fashion Line
George Schley vs. William A. Averet et al: equity
Scott & Kelly's vs. Matthew Fox: fi fas (2)
Scranton & Start (Philamon A. Scranton & William H. Start) vs. Augustus W. Verdery: foreclosure (3)
Philemon A. Stark et al, William S. Pryor vs.: regarding steamboat W.H. Stark
John Scully vs. State: indictment and bond (2)
Solomon Shad: see J.M. Smith
James Shaffer & James Broadhurst vs. State: assault and battery
William Shannon vs. Ann Fox et al: fi fa
Adam Sheftan vs. State: stealing
William Short to Grant & Love: bill of sale for slaves
Thomas Simpkins alias Thomas Riley, State vs.: false swearing (3)
Jacob Sistrunk vs. Trs. & Adms. Of Priscilla Sistrunk: regarding estate of William Tutt (2)
Arthur Smith vs. L. Charles Dugas et al: equity
Frederick Smith vs. State: peace warrant
James Mongin Smith, Solomon Shad et al vs. George A. Turknett et al: re estate of Daniel W. Mongin (2)
Thornton Snelling vs. State: bond to appear
William Southway et al vs. Lewis Ellsey: fi fa
Sarah Spellman vs. State: assault and battery (2)
Timothy Stamps vs. Benjamin Few: fi fa
Samuel S. Starnes vs. Farmers Fire Insurance & Loan Co. et al: fi fa
Steamboats: see Fashion Line
Joshua Stephens: affidavit as to his financial worth
Micajah Stevens vs. State: bond to appear
Alexander Steward vs. Robert M. McCombs: fi fa
Alexander Stewart & Bedford Hornsby vs. State: horse stealing
Herman Stewart vs. State: false swearing (2)
John Stillman vs. State: peace warrant and habeas corpus (2)
Pleasant Stovall vs. Robert H. Gardiner: judgment
Stovall, Simmons & Co. vs. William M. Fraser: debt (3)
Thomas Stribling vs. State: peace warrants (2)
John Sullivan vs. State: commitment
Elijah Sullivant vs. State: recognizance to prosecute
William Sykes & Robert Stevens vs. State: burglary
Nicholas Talley vs. Nicholas Vance: foreclosure (4)
Edwin Tankersby: affidavit as to his property
Thomas Tant et al: bond for prosecution
Caraway Taylor vs. State: misdemeanor
Francis C. Taylor vs. Nicholas Fox: fi fa
Thomas Taylor vs. William Daley: petition for damages
Walter Taylor vs. State: assault
William E. Taylor estate vs. Hugh Fullerton: fi fa
William Terry vs. State: gambling
James Teneson (Tenason) vs. State: assault (2)
Daniel Thomas: statement of account from Miller & Daniel
Joseph D. Thomas vs. James P. Barton: debt
Robert Thomas vs. State: forgery (8)
James M. Thomas vs. State: vagrancy
Thompson & Black vs. Stephen Folsom: fi fa
Elijah Thomson: commitment
John L. Tinley to Joseph E. Burch: mortgage on slaves
John H. Tolman vs. Peter Fleming: fi fa
Charles Towsley: commitment
Thomas Traylor et al: agreement of William Dailey to build saw mill for
Emily H. Tubman vs. Samuel hale: re estate of Richard Tubman (9)
George A. Turknett: see James M. Smith
William Turner to John M. Turner: mortgage
William H. Turpin vs. est. of Thomas H.M. Fendall: fi fa.
William Tutt: see Jacob Sistrunk
Harriet Twiggs: petition for appointment of trustee
John Twiggs: see Luke Mann
Evans Tyler, State vs.: recognizance to prosecute
Henry Vandewater and James E Hoyt (Vanderwater & Hoyt) vs. John W. Spear: judgment
J.P. Van Heddeghem vs. George Foucout: damages
Benjamin F. Verdery et al vs. Andrew J. Miller, Trustee of estate of Matherin Verdery (2)
John Waggoner: affidavit as to his worth
Alexander C. Walker vs. Patrick & Jane Temple: judgment
Isaac Walker vs. Exrs. of Thomas Walker: caveat
Thomas Walker vs. Thomas Fussell: fi fa
Gideon Walls alias Alexander Williams alias Francis Ring: counterfeit bills
John C. Walton: recognizance for prosecution
Thomas J. Walton vs. Catherine Bell: foreclosure (4)
Elsey & Elizabeth Washington vs. State: peace warrant
Asaph Waterman vs. Frederick Flewellen et al: fi fas (2)
Anderson Watkins vs. Arthur Foster et al: fi fas (2)
John Watson by Admr. vs. Thomas Few: fi fa
Joseph Weed & David W. Benedict vs. Morgan P. Earle: fi fa
Elizabeth White vs. Holland McTyre: fi fa and relinquishment
J.E. White & Co. vs. John Miller: fi fa
Solomon C. White et al vs. James Hope, et al: Ga. Supreme Court decision
John P. Whitehead vs. Robert M. Phinizy: sci fa to receive judgment
Frederick P. Whitlock vs. Olin & Lynah (W. Milo Olin & Edward T. Lynah): debt (5)
John M. Wightman: see John R. Murphy
James Wilde et al vs. John Bridges: debt
Charlotte R. Willard et al: petition for appointment of trustee, est. of Harriet E. Willard
Charles A. & Mortimer H. Williams vs. William G. Dearmond & John P. King: equity (7)
Henry Williams vs. Edmund Fears: fi fa
Hezekiah Williams: petition for trustee
Lafayette Williams vs. State: assault with intent to murder (2)
Micajah Williams vs. Ignatius Few: fi fas (2)
Robert Williams vs. State: shooting a slave (2)
Robert Williams: petition for liquor license
Zachariah Williams vs. State: assault with intent to murder
Abner Willis vs. State: vagrancy and assault (4)
William Willson vs. State: assault (3)
James Wilson: indictment for assault with intent to murder
Reuben Winfrey vs. William M. Beall: judgment
Elizabeth Wood vs. State: bench warrant for misdemeanor
Joseph W. Wood vs. State: forgery (3)
William Woods by Admr. vs. McLaws 7 Holt: fi fa
Jacob Wooten vs. State: assault with a knife
Dionysious B. Wright vs. Thornton Johnson: attachment
William Wright by Admr. vs. John H. Mann: fi fa
John W. Zinn: see Henry H. Cumming
Miscellaneous: Return of prisoners in jail for trial, 1830 May term, 5.0 items.
3 pieces of papers with mathematical calculations; 2 papers for filing identification.
Fashion Line papers, 1859-1860, 98.0 items.
These are litigations involving Samuel Moore and Thomas N. Philpot, owners of steamboats navigating the Savannah River as the "Fashion Line;" namely, Columbia, Talimico Talomico, and John A. Moore. Included is a variety of legal papers; e.g., fi fas, judgments, tax executions, affidavits, petitions, statutory proceedings, bonds, Georgia Supreme Court decisions. There are also company records as accounts, receipts, cargoes, lists of provisions put on board the steamers, etc. There papers have been arranged in chronological order.